July 6, 2020

Bacon Wrapped Prawns

Anything wrapped in bacon has to be delicious and what better than prawns. This is an easy to cook, express recipe that takes just the same amount of time to cook as it does to wipe off the dish.

All you need are good large sized prawns, the same number of bacon strips and toothpicks, and pepper. You can also use 1:2 ratio for bacon and prawns respectively, if you want to cut down the portion for bacon. You can split the bacon strip and use it wrap two prawns. But then again, there is never too much bacon!

Wash and remove the shell off the prawns. Wrap the bacon strip around the prawn using a toothpick to hold it together. Season with pepper.

Drizzle little oil in a pan and fry untill the prawns are change color. Flip the prawns on the other side and fry till the prawns are cooked through. You can also bake these instead of frying. Just line a baking tray or grill with parchment paper and bake at medium temperature.

And you’re done!


Enjoy the bacon awesomeness!

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