June 5, 2020

Food for Thought

Dinner was on me tonight. All I had was two fresh and plump chicken breasts and my mum’s only instructions, “You decide what to make.”

Going through the recipes in my head I was just thinking one thing, let’s make something different today. Not the usual barbeque or teriyaki or tandoori or pahadi. So I decided to open up the old recipe books. Buried at the back of the cabinet were three small pocket sized cookbooks. These used to be my go to cookbooks a few years ago. But come Pinterest and StumbleUpon, these little books hadn’t seen the kitchen light in a long time.


Going through the bookmarked pages felt nostalgic and I tried to remember as to why I might have bookmarked that particular recipe at that time. Puts into perspective how with changing times our preferences change. Some of the recipes I hadn’t bookmarked then started catching my eye. I was wondering why I must have skipped these. Such encounters make us think about how we have grown. How our choices, likes and dislikes changes with the experiences we have, the influences we allow and people we get to know.

Think about it, the preferences we had about food, clothes, dreams and aspirations, people that surround us or even what we did in our free time changes with every phase of our lives. This change is not only important but inevitable. It will happen. Whether we consciously allow it or let it happen gradually. Acceptance of this change is key. No matter how much you hold on to everything that made you who you were in one given phase, you will eventually let go of it or have to at some point to move to the next phase.

Acceptance of these little tweaks is what makes the transition easier. Me for instance, I have changed a lot. I am as girly as I can be, so far from the tomboy I used to be. I hated Indian ethnic wear. It’s my preferred choice now. I wanted to be an archaeologist, but now I want to be an established home baker. I was so confused about my faith and about who I was as a person. I couldn’t care any less about the consequences of my words and actions. Today I am sure of who I am and what I believe in. I take time in judging people. Once I had accepted the changes and the learning from the experiences and situations I went through, it helped me know myself better and accept the edges in my personality. Of course if given the chance I would love to volunteer at an excavation but a couple of tough personal and financial choices lead me to let go of holding on to it as a career option. My closest friends are still boys but I love hanging out with the girls for a day of giggles and shopping. OK not giggles, we laugh out loud most times, especially in public places.

What I am trying to put forth here is that these tweaks that we make in ourselves do not take away the person who you are. You just grow from one phase to another, bettering yourself. The growing only happens when you accept these tweaks. We might be living a new dream and this new dream will eventually transform into another version maybe. But what’s important is that we are living and growing through it.

You must be wondering what happened to the fresh and plum chicken breasts that we started with. Well, they made one of the best and easiest Chicken Satay I ever had. More on that in the next post.

Have a great week! I hope I have offered you enough food for thought.

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