June 5, 2020

Waiting for Him to talk back?

Sitting in the corner aisle of the church, all distracted, suddenly the cross hanging from the ceiling right in front of the altar caught my attention. Immediately a song started playing in my head. IMG_20150815_200251_HDR

“Are you lonesome tonight?

Do you miss me tonight?

Are you sorry we drifted apart?

Does you heart fill with pain?

Shall I call back again?

Tell me dear, do you miss me tonight?”

(By Elvis Presley)

Did I just have a “moment”? Was Jesus trying to communicate with me in words that I will get? Or was it just a projection of my vivid imagination and daydreaming habit? Don’t know….

But as I gazed upon that lonely cross, I thought, questioned and wondered. How many of us go to church because we want to experience God?  How many of us pray because we want to communicate with God?

Do we wait for Him to speak back? Can we hear Him calling us to spend a little quiet time in prayer with Him?

Do we want to build our relationship with Him? Do we want to build a connection with His spirit in us? Know and better ourselves?

Isn’t that what prayer is…a conversation, an experience? Definitely something more than a one-sided conversation about petitions, exchange deals for favors and thanksgivings that we have most of the time.

Think about it.

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